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Who we are

We are a community of true health advocates working together in promoting the health benefits of drinking Kangen water.
People everywhere are discovering the life-changing power of Kangen water.
Make your own healthy, alkaline, antioxidant and ionized drinking water that is rich in minerals and purged of impurities right in your own home!
You can also be a part of the steady-growing society of global distributors who are benefiting from one of the most dynamic and innovative marketing and compensation plan today.
Enjoy good health and good wealth with Enagic. Ask us how!

Change your water. Change your Life.

Please contact
Borj Lianko

Landline: (02) 514 6471
Globe: (0917) 455 1787
Sun: (0922) 720 9778
E-mail: borjz@msn.com

Distributor ID: 01714596