Kangen Water 8.5, 9.0 AND 9.5

This is used for drinking and also ideal for your pets and for watering plants.

This delicious water has all the properties you need in one type of water in every drop.

Its alkalinity effectively neutralizes the acid wastes in our body to maintain pH balance, thereby preventing ailments and improving health conditions. It boosts the potency of your food supplements when taken in together.

It is rich with antioxidants that contain active hydrogen ions which help eliminate free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and hastening of the ageing process.

With only 5 to 6 molecules per cluster, it permeates deeply into your cells effectively faster than your regular drinking water.

It contains trace minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium which your body needs to keep you healthy.

The ideal amount of Kangen water you need to drink daily is at least 2 liters to keep you properly hydrated.

Clean Water 7.0

This is used when you are taking medications which are generally acidic, and in preparing baby foods so it will not cause a chemical reaction.

It is not advisable to drink Kangen water 30 minutes before and after medications; use the clean water to hydrate instead.

Beauty Water 6.0

This is used as facial wash, skin care and pet care as it matches the acidity of our hair and skin.

This can prevent pimples and can give your hair and your pet's hair a shiny glow while preventing hair loss.

Strong Alkaline Water 11.0

This is great for cleaning around your home, in the kitchen and in the toilet. The water acts as a natural surfactant to remove stains and oils without the use of harsh chemicals.

Its powerful emulsification property removes harmful pesticides and other chemicals from fruits and vegetables leaving you with just the natural taste of your food.

Just soak the fresh fruits and vegetables in this water and leave for about 5 minutes; the harmful chemicals will just simply be removed. After soaking, wash the fruits and vegetables with Kangen water.

Strong Acidic Water 2.5

This is used for sanitizing around your home, kitchen and toilet.

It is also a natural antiseptic for treating wounds and skin blemishes.

Use it as an effective mouthwash for oral care and for treating mouth sores.


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